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Mummy of two, London and Rio, Sai believes there are no tips to be a good mum. She lives an intense and healthy life with her children always present. Although sometimes she thinks she needs time for herself, she enjoys nothing more than her kids.


Four mums, four stories. One common objective: taking good care of their children. Discover four different ways of living where, no matter what, each mummy's child is the most important thing in the planet. Thank you @scoutthecity @monikalenarczyk @harunayokota and @regina_pdv


Haruna's life changed entirely when she had Hannah, the happiest moment in her life. Listening Hannah's first words is for sure going to be much better than the sound of all the songs that Haruna used to play as a DJ. She misses mixing up music, but she can't wait to put together the sounds of the three kids she wants to have #mummyandme


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