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When girls know their worth, they're limitless. 5 out of 10 girls in Jharkhand drop out of school and become child brides. But not these girls.

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Ready for take-off! Any final guesses on the Yuwa girls' destination?


Huge thanks to the wonderful team at Calvin and Hobbes Salon in Ranchi who gave these seven Yuwa girls a fabulous send-off as they embark on a big journey! Over the past eight years, this generous local hair salon has been donating hair cuts for Yuwa players. Now these girls are ready to travel! To where, you might ask? Stay tuned to find out...


Yuwa girls have several big travel opportunities coming up this week - And their visas have all been approved! Where do you think they're going? Stay tuned to find out...


How do you measure confidence? What is the impact of Yuwa's programs -- and which activities contribute to that impact? Yuwa staff and participants are tackling these questions and more this week with MEL and gender consultant Alison Carney.


Welcome, monsoon 2018!


Sundays at Yuwa start with early morning matches followed by a coaches' meeting. Yuwa now has 41 young coaches, 35 of whom are young women. Today's topics of discussion include whether or not to change Yuwa School timings (to give students more time to prepare for afternoon practice), session planning for this week's practices, and the importance of honestly communicating with parents.


"At the end of class, I told them there was no homework today because it's the first day of school. And they all looked sad." -New Yuwa School teacher Naman, sharing the highlight of his day. Yuwa School started our 4th academic year today with 86 students, 9 teachers, and a new campus! Stay tuned for more updates this week... And happy 4th birthday, Yuwa School!!


Today concluded Yuwa Summer School with a grand exhibition of the projects girls choose to explore over the past 5 weeks. Each group included 3-4 students of mixed ages who chose a topic of their interest and delved into it through a variety of activities including research, film, interviews with experts (Skype and in person), field visits, creative writing, cooking, experiments, and more. Project topics were as varied as our students personalities, including the moon, nomadic cultures, South America, and start-up food businesses! It would have been easy to spend an entire day visiting different project booths and listening to these creative, curious young women.


15-year-old Rima is one of Yuwa's thirty young football coaches - seen here leading her new team of girls. Like them, Rima started out as an eager player. Who knows what the future holds? #strongwomen #inspiration #football #soccer #soccergirl #girlpower #empowerment #goal #winning #inspire #whatdrivesyou


Big news from Yuwa School! Radha, a 16-year-old coach, player, and student, has been selected for Yale University's Young Global Scholars Program! This summer, Radha will spend two weeks studying Sustainable Development and Social Entrepreneurship alongside some of the brightest high school age students from around the world on Yale's campus in New Haven. Want to help Radha and her classmates keep achieving incredible things? Check out our website to support these hard-working young women. #girlseducation #india #betibachaobetipadhao #amightygirl #girlrising


Summer is heating up! Yuwa coaches help players stay hydrated by checking water bottles at the start of every practice and taking frequent water breaks


Exploring the ever-expanding Yuwa library. Books are the Yuwa girls' free ticket to travel the world. What was your favourite book when you were a kid?