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Árd Choille ⚔️


Happy Friday, freaks.


Fuck hands up.


Big daddy Mac.


Who’s your daddy son! Hang out that soft top spyder, you are a McGregor.


Working in the big Mexican gloves today. Made from either cowhide or goatskin, and stuffed with horse hair, they are a lovely weighty glove, and known globally as the “punchers glove”. They are banned from some boxing contests because of lack of bottle. Floyd’s. Muhammad Ali was a big fan of these gloves and him wearing the glove originally, brought the brand “Cleto Reyes” to the fore-front of Mexican made gloves. I did not know this story on these boxing gloves before I embarked on my professional boxing debut, but I was fascinated upon hearing. I do enjoy the fit and the feel of this glove. Nothing however, feels as blunt and as nom nom tasty as the 4oz baby gloves of MMA though, but these are some top big gloves I do love the Mexicans. My associates in my Whiskey venture are Mexican. From a beautiful little town named “Tequila.” Another phenomenal Mexican made product. Just like my Irish whiskey, it is for the powerful, and the driven. There is an Irish saying that our whiskey “will put hairs on your chest.” It is why there is a big gorilla on mine. The Mexicans are of a strong breed. Just like the Irish. I have a lot of respect for Mexico. My son was also born on Cinco de Mayo. Mexico, the McGregors love you! 🇲🇽❤️🇮🇪


McGregor F.A.S.T Monsters! @mcgregorfast @monsterenergy


You’ll only see me coming if I want you to.


First it was Bruce Lee. Now it is Conor Mac.


Happy Birthday Queen Dee from your two big beasts. We love you Mammy👸🏽❤️


Late night work in the Irish Sea on the @mcgregorfast program. Zone : Active. Land, air or sea.