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MIAMI I LOVE YOU!! You were so loud and FUN. Shout out to @camila_cabello for killing it in her hometown and being just the greatest most precious magical human possible 💕 📷: @AltaImages @GettyEntertainment


Thank you to the 116,000 people who came to see us play in Atlanta this weekend! 🤭❤️ love you guys ❤️💗 PS happy birthday to @davidcook88 my incredible band leader/keys player!! So lucky to know you and work with you. 📷: @shearerphoto @gettyentertainment


I LOVE YOU ATLANTA 💕💕💕 We’ll see you tomorrow night too! Thanks for being so loud and wild and fun tonight 🎆 📷: @shearerphoto @gettyentertainment


Look at this HEAVENLY crowd tonight in Pittsburgh- thank you to everyone who came to the show, it was so great to be back in PA. ❤️💕❤️


Olivia just realized I’m wearing earrings of her face.


HONESTLY IT WAS JUST SO MUCH FUN 💥🌸🌷🌲☀️⭐️✨🥂🎤🎼🎸🎆🎁🎉🎀💗🇨🇦 @bryanadams is so 🆒


I didn’t even know Bryan was gonna be in town until last night and I asked him completely last minute if he wanted to come sing!! Pretty evident from the videos (um yes I’m posting another one) that I’m FULLY LOSING IT with excitement, and I can’t thank @bryanadams enough ✨⭐️💫


Behind the scenes of our secret rehearsal today before @bryanadams surprised Toronto with ‘Summer of 69’!!!! 🇨🇦😁🎸 SO MUCH FUN TONIGHT TORONTO!! 📷: @jasonkempin @gettyentertainment


Toronto, thank you for a glorious night of glitter, guitars, dancing, screaming, singing, and snakes in a stadium. My serpents and I are so excited to get to play for you again tonight 😄💕🐍 ♥️ 📷: @jasonkempin @gettyentertainment


Tonight I realized I’m like, constantly reaching for invisible things while onstage? ANYWAY. Another insanely dream-like night at @gillettestadium !!! See you tomorrow 💋 📸: @nicholas.b.hunt @gettyentertainment


So wait... we get to play 2 more nights at @gillettestadium ??! Sounds fake?!? You guys were UNREAL tonight. We can’t wait to see you again, and again after that. 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋 📷: @kevinmazur @gettyentertainment


Hay&Tay looking like we’re in a musical @hayleykiyoko 📷: @kevinmazur @gettyentertainment