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Photo: @emilypolar The mainland coastline of Croatia stretches 1,777.3 kilometres (1,104.4 mi) long. Although the majority of the coast is characterised by karst topography there are still golden sandy beaches to enjoy like this one in Gradac. To see more of our beautiful world follow @emilypolar #croatia #gradac


Photograph by @paulnicklen // When we took off from the sea ice in my little ultralight airplane and flew out over Lancaster Sound, I finally got to live a dream that I had been pursuing for over 10 years. Narwhals are incredibly elusive and live in a habitat that is very challenging to work in. The airplane gave us a glimpse into their world that I had always longed for. Sadly, this not in my new book "Born to Ice" but I do love the simplicity of the water, their body position and the rings of water rippling from their heads. To see many more images of narwhals please feel free to #followme on @paulnicklen. #nature #naturelovers #cuttingroomfloor #instagood #picoftheday #blackandwhite #gratitude


Photo@michaelmelford- the wonders of nature! As fog clears at Jakobshavn Glacier in western Greenland. Jakobshavn drains 10% of all the icebergs of Greenland and they are huge! In the town if Ilulissat there is a boardwalk that leads down to the edge of the outflow of glacier. Go and visit, learn about the ice coming off the ice sheet of Greenland- second only to Antarctica. #greenland #glacier #climate-change #ice @natgeoexpeditions #natgeocreative


Photo @stephen_matera // Johannesburg Mountain rising above low clouds at sunrise, North Cascades National Park in late summer. The North Cascades are a rugged wilderness of thick old growth forests, rock, and ice with over 300 active glaciers. There are very few roads that penetrate the North Cascades, but one of the few that does is the North Cascades Highway, which is closed in winter because of the deep snowfall and avalanche hazard along the highway. Follow me @stephen_matera for more images like this from Washington and around the world. #northcascades #nationalpark #wilderness #glacier


Photo by @babaktafreshi The World at Night project A bright meteor during August's Perseid Meteor Shower above the World Heritage Site of Meteora, Greece, where monasteries are built on the top of giant sandstone cliffs. Walking under the star-filled sky, on the foot of these impressive rocks, I felt being in a most unusual dream on another planet. Follow me @babaktafreshi to explore more of our night wonders. #twanight #astrophotography #nightphotography #meteorshower #meteora @natgeocreative


Photo by @taylorglenn // Oryx crossing through the vast, desolate landscape of Namib Naukluft National Park in Namibia. Follow @taylorglenn for more from southern Africa and beyond #namibia #sossusvlei #wildlife


Photo by @chrisburkard. Photography has been one of the greatest gifts in my life. I had no idea when I quit my job & school at 19 that it would lead me to experience what it has. It has allowed me to express some of my deepest emotions, witness true suffering & heartache while also documenting distant far off lands (like remote Alaska above) & incredible human achievement. Today is World Photography Day & I hope you feel inspired to get out and create something whether it’s with a camera phone, DLSR, or a borrowed 35mm film camera (that was my first)


Photo by @jimrichardsonng From Eigg the Isle of Rum looms, often sinister looking under its wreath of clouds. The beach st Laig Bay is ribboned with black basalt sand and white shell sand, always like sinew. Over on Rum playboy George Bullock squandered his father’s fortune on castles and Bugatis. Storms, human and otherwise, haunt the Small Isles of Scotland. Follow me @jimrichardsonng for more Scotland. #scotland #hebrides @natgeo @natgeocreative


Photo by @mattiasklumofficial for @natgeo Time for a nap! Some playful and unruly baby orangutans are wheeled to a place where they can take a snooze. As the forests of southern Borneo still are under pressure orangutans and many other species, as well as people, are acutely affected! Please go to @mattiasklumofficial to meet a wild orangutan in the ancient forest of Danum Valley. At orangutan rescue centre Neuru Menteng hundreds of orphaned orangutan are kept while trying to find a safe new world for them. The name orangutan is derived from the Malay and Indonesian words orang meaning "person" and hutan meaning "forest", thus "person of the forest". One of the most intelligent, amazing and threatened primates on the planet. Today is #worldorangutanday !Help protect the orangutan and the rainforest! Support conservation organizations and by sharing this message! #helpsave #redapes #borneo #mattiasklum #orangutan #conservation #savetherainforest @thephotosociety @natgeo


Photo by @michaelclarkphoto // The view looking across at the Painted Wall from the Cedar Point overlook on the south rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison near Montrose, Colorado. The Black Canyon of the Gunnison is one of these remote national parks that doesn’t see as much traffic as a lot of others, which is kind of surprising given that it is quite stunning. The Painted Wall, seen on the opposite side of the canyon with the crisscrossing dikes, is 2,700 feet (823 m) tall making it the third largest sheer wall in the lower 48 after El Cap and Notch Peak. The Black is serious business all the way around. Climbing here is very committing and descending into the canyon by any route is intimidating. Regardless, it is breathtakingly beautiful. Amazingly, I never saw any other photographers shooting while I was there for two days. It was crazy hot the last few days and there was zero shade but still, it is a National Park so I was pleasantly surprised by the light traffic. #blackcanyon #blackcanyonofthegunnison #colorado


Photo by @jonathan_irish // Layers for days. I was recently back in Great Smoky Mountains National Park for a short assignment, and it was soooo good to be back. Straddling the North Carolina and Tennessee border, this beautiful park is chock full of awesome vistas, great wildlife, hiking galore, and Appalachian culture. A true American gem in the park system! Follow me @jonathan_irish for more images like this and around the world.


Photo by @renan_ozturk // The story of the hand woven bamboo rope on #TheLastHoneyHunter @natgeo assignment! ~ After weaving thousands of small pieces of bamboo into a 100+ pound rope ladder, the rope is placed above the hearth. There it collects the soot and ash from the fire and blackens over time. I though this was pretty sketchy as it also makes the bamboo brittle but apparently it gives it a natural bee and insect repellent. Then it is transported for miles through the jungle to the base of the cliff for the honey harvest, a true feat of strength, balance and determination. Lastly just before Maule (The Last Honey Hunter) trusts his life to it, the team puts it in the stream getting it wet and supple again. I couldn’t imagine weighting it but they have used them for generations without an accident! #oldtech #magic #forestspirits #rongkemi ~ See @renan_ozturk for photos of the rest the process...