Retro-style with saturated hues, new suede sneakers feature the House Web stripe on the side, from #GucciFW18 by #AlessandroMichele
3 hours ago
Featuring multiple pockets and decorated with 80s-inspired patches, new backpacks from #GucciFW18 by #AlessandroMichele. Discover more through link in bio.
Gucci / MLBP
14 hours ago
From #GucciFW18, a lineup of men’s loafers featuring an oval enameled Double G detail, and star studs framing Baseball team logo patches. #AlessandroMichele Discover more through link in bio. 
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17 hours ago
Documenting the pilgrimage of influential men to unexpected places, ‘The Performers’ video series in collaboration with @britishgq reveals a personal source of inspiration that has shaped the protagonists’ spirit and vision. For the new act, @james.t.merry travels across Iceland to create a new kaleidoscopic headpiece. Discover more through link in bio. #GucciStories #AlessandroMichele #GucciFW18 
Photographer: @david_ablehams 
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20 hours ago
"I thrive off the natural world. And I have always been obsessed with those objects, or animals, or plants that are in a process of transformation; half human and half botanic, caught in the moment of metamorphosis,” @james.t.merry. Discover more through link in bio. #GucciStories #AlessandroMichele #GucciFW18 @britishgq
Photographer: @david_ablehams
a day ago
In the new Act of ‘The Performers’—Gucci’s and @britishgq’s video series—@james.t.merry travels across Iceland wearing #GucciFW18 by #AlessandroMichele. Discover more through link in bio. #GucciStories 
Photographer: @david_ablehams © Chikae Ide
2 days ago
@james.t.merry, who moved to Björk’s native Iceland over five years ago, is the creator of some of the singer’s most intricate headpieces seen in ‘Utopia’—the latest album released in 2017—on display at the #GucciGarden in Florence. Together they share a creative vision and a passion for sci-fi flowers, which enabled them to transform floras into silicon face-pieces. Discover more on the new act of ‘The Performers’ through link in bio. #GucciStories #AlessandroMichele #GucciFW18 @britishgq
Photographer: @david_ablehams
2 days ago
For Act VIII of Gucci and @britishgq’s video series ‘The Performers’, embroidery artist @james.t.merry travels across Iceland with his boyfriend, Jón Einar Björnsson @joneinar_, to create a mask inspired by a traumatic personal experience: “It’s about processing a time when I nearly drowned last year in Puerto Rico. I wanted to turn that experience into an artwork full of life and light." Discover more through link in bio. #GucciStories #AlessandroMichele #GucciFW18 
Director: Matt Lambert @dielamb 
Music: Sísí by Grýlurnar, Vix by Sigrúns, Þræðir by Sigrúns
2 days ago
‘The Performers’, the original video series created in collaboration with @britishgq returns with a new act featuring embroidery artist @james.t.merry—the man behind @bjork’s kaleidoscopic headpieces—travelling across Iceland to create a new piece of art. Discover more through link in bio. #GucciStories #AlessandroMichele #GucciFW18
Photographer: @david_ablehams
2 days ago
For @elleuk’s November issue, Florence Welch (@florence) in a cotton printed shirt with lace 
inserts and long patchwork skirt from #GucciCruise19 by #AlessandroMichele. #GucciEditorials 
Photographer: @quentin_jones 
Stylist: @itsdwallace
3 days ago
@dakotajohnson wore a #Gucci sequin embroidered soft tulle gown to the UK premiere of 'Suspiria', the film she features in, and the Headline Gala during the 62nd @britishfilminstitute London Film Festival. #LFF #AlessandroMichele
3 days ago
Creative Director #AlessandroMichele featured in the latest #TGreatsIssue’s cover story, interviewed by @nytimes op-ed columnist #FrankBruni. @TMagazine #GucciEditorials
Photographer: @michal_chelbin
Stylist: @JayMassacret
4 days ago