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One “Mill-Low-Win” followers!!! 😂🤣😂Thank you!🙏 ❤️😘


🤜Thank you to everyone who schlepped to the theatres to see our lil Dino movie!!! 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' Crosses $1B Globally’ @jurassicworld @prattprattpratt


Though my expression says otherwise, I’ll have you know that I am indeed wearing plaid pajama bottoms 😉 #FBF


Fireworks, picnics and fun but the Red, White & Blue means so much more than that! Because "Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better." ~Albert Camus #Happy4thofJuly 🇺🇸


Shout out to my aunt Sandra who has been a postal worker for all my life. She brings laughter and integrity to everything she does! Happy #NationalPostalWorkersDay to everyone who works so hard to keep us connected to one another! Thank you! Repost @womenshistory ・・・ Today is #NationalPostalWorkersDay—a day to honor one of the oldest professions of our nation. Today, we recognize Mary "Stagecoach Mary" Fields, who was the first African American woman to work as a mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Service. • Fields was born enslaved in Tennessee in 1832. She moved to Toledo, Ohio, where she worked for the Ursuline Convent. She provided protection for the nuns, drove supply wagons, chopped wood, did carpentry work, and was a true handywoman of her day. In 1895, Fields became a star route carrier to meet mail trains and then drive her stagecoach over rough terrain and through inclement weather. She wore men’s clothes and carried both a shotgun and revolver, and it wasn't long before Mary became a Wild West hero, both intimidating would-be thieves and beloved by locals. Rumors say she "fended off an angry pack of wolves with her rifle and had the temperament of a grizzly bear.” • Stagecoach Mary held her position into her seventies. Known by citizens as kind and generous, her funeral was one of the largest held in the town at the time. It's a hard job, but it's got to be done—today we honor all the women (and men, too!) who have been the keepers of some of our earliest forms of communication, and without whom we would not get our packages on time today. #WomensHistory • • • • #NWHM #WomenMakingHistory #TheMoreYouKnow #StagecoachMary #HerStory #TellHerStory #WashingtonDC #NationalMall #DidYouKnow #NationalWomensHistoryMuseum #SeeHer #KnowHerName #HistoryMaker #HiddenFigures


I was filming so wasn't able to attend the march. I stand in solidarity with those in protest of this heart wrenching human rights violation and child abuse. #KeepFamiliesTogether #FamiliesBelongTogether (Link in bio)


What a send off... with a parade! ♥️ #jurassicworldfallenkingdom


Found these lost pics from 2015 when LEGO Owen, @colintrevorrow and I were here promoting @jurassicworld #tbt


Closing out our @jurassicworld press tour in Japan with an epic final premiere here in Tokyo ✨Thanks to all the wonderful folks who made this tour possible, an adventure none of us will ever forget!


Sylvester Stallone + Jim Carrey + 2018 = Chris Pratt @prattprattpratt @JurassicWorld Fallen Kingdom OUT TONIGHT! 🦖🦕


Happy birthday buddy! From here to eternity😉 @prattprattpratt