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Pajamas and my god daughter Azzy two years ago ➡️Us Now :) ➡️Azzy photo bomb at my birthday! #AllAboutAzzy #TBT


JW vibes from young paleontologist Liam and his co-star @prattprattpratt :) Blue and I got into quite a tumble over this! This poster is an instant classic! #superherokid #forthewinproject @forthewinproject


Always and forever an inspiration @officialhenrywinkler It’s about damn time! I love you, and you are the best godfather on the planet!


“Sad soul, take comfort, nor forget That sunrise never failed us yet.” – Celia Thaxter


Claire misses Owen 🦖


Obligatory BTS glam shot! @cwoodhair @ninapark thanks for making me feel FANCY 💗


back with cutie @filmbayona for the day (shameless plug: @jurassicworld Fallen Kingdom is on Blu-ray and DVD on Sept 18) 🦖🦕🌊


First Grade! 😢 but also PHEW!😂


Thanks to David and Pam Zaslav - my pops, hubs and I said goodbye to Summer, Hamptons style :) Got to hang with old and new friends, while wearing white and eating ice cream, good memories :) #LDW


Back to school shopping @target ✅ Little notes hidden in the kiddos backpacks for a mid-day surprise ✅ Happy dance send off ✅ Feeling prepped & confident for the first day of school ✅ ...I think we’re ready over here! How about you?  Share what is on your back to school to do list! We’re here for you:) #ProudTargetPartner #YouGotThis


Jumped across the pond for a wee bit. I'm feeling very civilized at @lutonhoohotel playing... what's this game called? (Head to my story and help a girl out!)


As I prepare my kids for the start of their 1st and 6th-grade school-year, I can’t help but think back on my own vivid memory of the night before I started first grade. I’d love to say I was excited, but the truth is I was anxious and terrified! In fact, I bawled my eyes out, to my parents’ great distress. “Who would I sit next to? What if I couldn’t learn to read? What if Jason Y (the love of my life at that point) wasn’t in Mrs. Clark’s class with me!? What then I ask you!?” Thankfully, by the time I had entered middle school, the epic terror subsided, but I’ll never forget the butterflies in my stomach as I would spend the night meticulously laying out my outfit; packing my backpack with new school supplies, wondering who my new teachers and friends might turn out to be and what might be in store for the coming year. There’s something almost sacred about the night before school, it’s sort of a right of passage. As a parent, I want to do whatever possible to support my kiddos with these key “growing up” moments. That’s why this back-to-school season, I’m so thrilled to be working alongside @Target to share some of my simple, yet key strategies for getting prepared so that we can all feel confident for that first-day of school! #YouGotThis #ProudTargetPartner”