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Remember that time I went to the @mnstatefair and @theellenshow made me eat anything they could find deep fried?! Well, I do! Link in my bio! • 📸: @aaron


Thank you so much @leathersatchel for letting me collaborate on this custom made Briefcase Satchel! Let me know when you want to release a Kalen line of bags!!! Lbvs #NoHatNewBagDontCare • 📸: @tylerhenderson


I make my Season 16 return to @theellenshow on Wednesday...we’ve got some catching up to do! Happy Monday! ❤️ #SetYourDVR • 📸: @alejandroibarraphoto


Give it up for my amazing Australian crew!!! Couldn’t have done it without them!!!


I couldn’t help but take advantage of this moment lmao! No it’s not real lol! Watch OMKalen Down Unda! Link in bio! Edited by: @andyshawpants


Thank you for being a friend... • 📸: @alejandroibarraphoto


Me thinking if I should pitch my own travel series for @theellenshow! Hmmmmm... • 📸: @aaron


Since I was a theater major, everyone would always ask me what was my backup plan? By the way stop asking artists that! But anyway, I would always say I was going to be a flight attendant! I used to watch the show “Airline” religiously and I had this idea that being a flight attendant would still allow me to perform somewhat and I would also get to travel the world! Two of my favorite things! When @qantas asked me to be a flight attendant on their inaugural flight from San Fransisco to Melbourne, Australia, I was ready! Click the link in my bio to see me at work!


When @theellenshow asked me if I would like to travel to Melbourne, Australia! My response was, "Oh baby, you didn't even have to ask me that!" This is what my dreams are made of! Take a look at Melbourne, through my eyes! G'day mate! Link in bio! #OMKalen #Saturkay


I bought my red hat my freshman year of college and I think it’s about time I let it go... • 📸: @aaron


I haven’t felt more like myself than I have at this very moment! • Photography by: @ambejphotography MUA by: @everything_alliej


I’m only posting this because I’m trying to give my Instagram feed some aesthetic and this finishes the row! • Photography by: @ambejphotography MUA by: @everything_alliej