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SO WHAT U THINK? can not wait to see her look توقعاتك ل اطلالة جي لو في حفل ال #vmas يومين بس . . follow us first page of ultras jlo on #instagram for more pic and videos . . . @jlo 😍 🔥🔥 #JenniferLopez #jlo #allihave #carpoolkaraoke #jlover #jenniferlopez #jlobooty #jlovegas #jlovers #jennyfromtheblock #VMAs #vanguardaward#jlovegas #jlobooty #jlodancers #jloallihave #queenjlo #jlobeauty #allihave #jloconcert #jloverfamily #jlopleasefollowme


I love her belly button 😍💗 @jlo Please follow me: -@jlowonderful_mh Via: -@dani_jlo #jlowonderfulmh #jlo


Was and STILL obsessed grew up listening to this #JLO #LLCOOLJ #ALLIHAVE #faves #music #fashion #inspo via @slayiitlikejlo


2 days 👑🔥 .. #jlo #JenniferLopez #vmas #vanguard


Naudokite Jennifer Lopez INGLOT kolekciją įvaizdžio sukūrimui. Sukurkite 60 sekundžių video ir įkelkite į Instagramą. Laimėkite: kelionę į Las Vegasą, VIP bilietus į Jennifer Lopez #allihave šou, bei asmeninį susitikimą su pačia @jlo! 💥👑 . . . #inglot #inglotlithuania #glow #lithuania #ozas #lasvegas #jlo #jloxinglot


Mama, aiman syami and the random rhino #allihave


She’s the best.. 😍 @jlo #jenniferlopez #jlo 🔥 #JimmyFallon #TheTonightShow


El Anillo.... lol 😂 😂 @jlo 😍 #jenniferlopez #jlo 🔥 #JimmyFallon #TheTonightShow #ElAnillo 💍


I love her so much 😂😍 @jlo #jenniferlopez #jlo 🔥 #JimmyFallon #TheTonightShow


My angel 😇 💞


Y voy a seguir repitiendo hasta que la tierra y el Sol dejen de girar : Te Amo siempre. Tu sonrisa es mi protección. @jlo 💕 #JenniferLópez #JLo #Love #TeAmo #ILoveYou #AlliHave #JLover #Proud #JennyFromTheBlock #IfYouHadMyLove #TrueLove #FirstLove #Niyamasol #Lovely #likes


Saturday night at home seeing pictures of the queen!! 🌌💘👑 #JenniferLopez #Jlo


I would like to be the one who draw this AMAZING outfit 😍💗 @jlo Please follow me: -@jlowonderful_mh Via: -@dani_jlo #jlowonderfulmh #jlo


Love the colors 🌼🌸 @jlo Please follow me: -@jlozone_mh Via: -@dani_jlo #jlozonemh #jlo


Самое дорогое и ценное в моей жизни. Всё,что я имею благодаря тебе. То,чем я каждый день дышу. Спасибо моя @helenalaticha,я люблю тебя 😻 И каждого из вас (извините,кого не отметила) : @awerokk @anastasi_muss @_psixxs_ @sonches_27 @viktoria_belyaeva_ @nadeeva83 @__evgeniya.p__ @_sonya_02_4 @_sheylis_ @galanovaveron @razhabova__xxiv @toriya_k @mlkvicky @hay.alin @alliina_15 @rrritusko @mariagrom2015 @_mas.h_ @znastia1010 @_nataosa_ @ok_milovanova @misspumpum @varvara_krasa999 @__dobromirovaaa__ @_kisyushka @parshina.kristina08 @_bizeshka_ Вы мой дом 💕 . . . Отдельное спасибо @narinachopa за лучшие ивенты,по которым я безумно скучаю и теплый приём. Самые невероятные воспоминания. Ты большая умница. Дальше - больше. До встречи,маленький,но ОЧЕНЬ БОЛЬШОЙ и прекрасный человечек. Крепко обнимаю всю вашу команду @dance_time_project 💋💋 . . . #dance#dancelifehappylife#myfam#family#sweethome#enerdancestudio#myall#mysoul#mylife#feelings#allihave#dancehalltodiworld#dancehall#dancers#morethanhobby#love#happy#dancetimeproject#myheart#imiss


@jlo because even the simplest things you do bring joy to my heart and the hearts of those around you and everyone who looks up to you. Words are not enough to express how blessed and grateful I am to have you as an idol. You are my hero and certainly, the most influential person in my life. You give me the strength and determination to surmount the obstacles and opportunities this crazy and beautiful world puts in my way. It is necessary to let you know how much your presence in my life motivates me to believe in myself and achieve remarkable things in life. It brings me so much joy to see you succeed. Your laugh keeps the bad vibes away. Your music is my life. Your whole being strengthens me when things don't go my way. You are someone who guarantees to instantly put a smile on my face. You always brighten up my day. You are beautiful inside and out. You are the epitome of natural beauty and success. I hope you get to experience and explore more wonderful things. I hope you get to enjoy everything this world has to offer. I hope you get back all the love you freely give. I wish you the best things in life, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly every day. You deserve all of the precious things that come your way. I pray that you will always be blessed because you never fail to thank the people who were with you in this journey, professionally and personally. I hope that today would be the beginning of the greatest year for you. Wishing you everything your heart desires. Your wishes are my wishes for you on this beautiful day. I know you are going to achieve so much more in your life. May you enjoy the fruits of your work. Don't stop doing what you love because I will never stop loving what you do. No matter where you end up as the years go by, love is what will matter most. On this special day, you have plenty of that. Love is the greatest gift anyone can give, and yours is overflowing. Continue being a blessing to everyone. You deserve to be truly happy. To the baddest: Happy 49th birthday, Jennifer!!! I love you beyond forever! I love you to the Max and Emme! ❤ 2/2 #HappyBirthdayJenniferLopez #HappyBirthdayJLo #Leo #July


@jlo July 24th is one of my favorite days of the year. It is forever written in my heart that an angel like you was born to touch our lives. This day is extra special because you are an extraordinary woman. You are blessed with a golden heart, and your capacity to love and care for those who matter in your life never fails to leave me in awe. You have the looks, the talent and you can do everything that you set your mind to. You have a heart that affects the lives of those you touch. You are probably the first celebrity who clued me in to the fact that I could do whatever I want, that I could exceed expectations and not just meet them. You are a real head turner because you know how to carry yourself from street style to high fashion, and you do it effortlessly. You are a woman with impeccable fashion sense. You are a fashion icon and a fashion magnate. You have surely left a big imprint on our fashion conscious minds. Your passion with your craft and the things you do inspire me to never give up, to believe in myself and to achieve my goals. You always knew your priorities. I admire you for always being responsible. I am always in awe and inspired by your hard work, kindness, love and wisdom. You have already proven yourself capable of doing everything that people never thought you could ever do. That makes me extremely proud. You got where you are right now because you didn't try to be anyone else but yourself. I will always love your work, your work ethic, your talent, your personality, your creativity, your expertise, your passion, your compassion, your perseverance, your positivity, your faith, your humility and your love toward every single thing. You are truly one of the most genuine and compassionate people to ever exist. I commend you for your courage in taking risks and being bold. I love how you can be both tough and sweet. You are all sweetness and light. You are goodness personified. I thank God every day for using you as an instrument of love, inspiration and motivation. I thank Him for answering your prayers in achieving your dreams and goals, 1/2 #HappyBirthdayJenniferLopez #HappyBirthdayJLo #Leo #July